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How to work together

How to work together

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Transformation starts with a gut feeling that 'something ain't right' and continues with letting go of what didn't belong to you, what wasn’t about you, the identities that are given to you and you accepted unwittingly. You feel deep inside you are meant to become more and live your life with the expression of who you really are.

However, you find yourself doing the same things again and promise that next time it will be different because you will behave differently.


Maybe you want to easily ask questions in the meetings or ask for what you want to a friend but you feel anxious, imagine how people would react to you, and you convince yourself that it is better to figure it out yourself. You feel nervous if you will annoy or irritate people, what they will think about you. 


OR you are an over giver, you can’t say no to people, you help them even if you are tiring yourself so much, you don’t really have time but you don’t want to hurt them. Instead, you choose to postpone your plans, neglect your needs and prioritize other’s needs and you have difficulty with receiving. 


OR you overdo the things, you work more than other people but you can’t ask for extra payment for your extra hours, you walk on eggshells, scared of doing something wrong, think about work all the time and cannot relax.

Humans are social beings and relationships are inevitable. When these relationships cause stress at work, at home, with friends, or with family, this makes it challenging to live life as you desire. Instead, you compromise and please others to avoid the stress by stopping your expression.

You might not be aware of how much those issues cost you daily as they are what you are used to living with. That’s how you’re programmed. You might not be aware of how many times you feel anxious daily. 

So the question is ‘Who are YOU?’ ‘ What do YOU need?’ What do YOU want? I understand if it is difficult to answer those questions. Maybe you’ve never been asked or you didn’t ask yourself. 


Now imagine,
How would it feel to be comfortable around people, to enjoy the interactions with them? How would it feel to set the boundaries without guilt or fear? Or receiving from people as well as giving? What about feeling bold when you are asking for something? 

I offer multiple programs that are combined with RTT, various Hypnotherapy techniques and coaching to support you in your transformation journey. 

Let’s get started..

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Online Programs

Transformation Accepted

Transformation Accepted program includes 3 sessions and a result-oriented program that we work on one issue 

The program is excellent for those who’ve already done enough work (therapies, reading books, self-work, etc.) but still feel stuck to overcome it.  Our goal is to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible.

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Expansion Accepted

Expansion Accepted is a 10-week program that combines coaching and hypnosis sessions.

We clarify your needs and goals in every coaching session followed by a hypnosis session.

It allows you to work on multiple issues and is the best for those who need coaching as well as subconscious work. 

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