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I help you to overcome anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, transform old patterns so you find confidence and success in your personal and professional life!

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 I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy for at least a decade or more. In the past this has destroyed my attempts to escape my 9-5 and build a business. This is no longer the case. I feel truly ready to tackle whatever comes my way and feel that now is my time to build the life I want. I can't thank you enough as my life has truly reached an exciting turning point. I am amazed how quickly this has happened after carrying this unnecessary baggage for so long. Thank you!

James B.

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Hi, I am Ayse!

I am Life Transformation Strategist.
I offer transformative subconscious & conscious modalities such as Rapid Transformational Therapy, Neo- Ericksonian Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, inner child, life coaching so you can experience a complete Holistic Upgrading in the comfort of your space!


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What Lopa said

Imagine what it will feel to…

Overcoming anxiety, fear, and feeling confident in your body, around people, and at work

Saying ‘no’ to others without guilt or stress

Focusing on your goals instead of feeling victimized and overwhelmed

Speaking up confidently and having a real connection with people

Stop worrying about what people think about you 

Having a strong self, knowing your opinions matter, you matter, owning your perspective.

Prioritizing your needs, and getting emotionally strong

Speaking up your truth without fear

Setting healthy boundaries with people

Sharing your ideas, your opinions confidently 

Being yourself in your relationships

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I can help you if.. 


 You want to change your life and have a joyful life but anxiety, fears, and self-doubt are on your way. 


You have the ideas to share but you hold yourself because you’re worried about how others will react and think about you


You are giving so much of your energy, time to others and you don’t want to bother them by making requests because you don’t want to be a burden.


You feel others’ opinions are more valid, more intelligent than your own, they read more, they have more experience.


You feel your desires are below others. They are insignificant.


You are terrified of saying ‘negative’ things to others, upset them, and then convince yourself that you don’t need to confront them because it is better to forget about it.


You feel that people are abusing your bona fides.


You are convincing yourself that you will not have the same issues when you find a new job or new people.


I work on a physical, mental, and spiritual level to get to the root cause of your presenting issue


I analyze your needs and customize the program accordingly, and use different modalities that benefit you the most. 


I help you to transform limiting beliefs on deep subconscious level via different advanced hypnosis techniques that make the change happen in a profound everlasting way as quickly as possible.


I hold a safe loving space where you are free to express your physical and emotional needs with no judgment


You will also find a flow-on effect from this work which will transform other areas in your life 


I offer support for the whole time we are working together  via email during the work hours


The most important thing is - I believe what are you going through because I have experienced it myself and know first hand that you CAN and WILL TRANSFORM.

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What differs me from others...


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Raquel Chelsea

I had an amazing session with Ayse! She was very caring, inquisitive and nurturing throughout the whole process which made it easy for me to get to the root of what was holding me back from being my true authentic self. I now feel comfortable in social situations where I would have been anxious in the past, and I have a new confidence in myself that I will be forever grateful to Ayse for helping me unlock. Thank you so much Ayse for your help!

Image by Kamesh S S

Brianne C.

Ayse is such a caring coach that I feel very lucky to work with her. Her professionalism  and guidance has helped me  to stop people pleasing  that I struggle with since I was a kid.  I chose  first to be nice to myself  

Image by Stan B

Kubra E

I worked with Ayse  for weight and self confidence issues. In a few weeks ,  I lost weight and my confidence  has boosted.  I see how the  low confidence was affecting me. with my business and relatonships. Feeling powerful, feeling worthy, taking care of my needs is very beautiful

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